The Lettermen

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Twenty million records and seven thousand concert shows ago, three young men in letter sweaters hit the music charts with their first single, "The Way You Look Tonight." The soft, melodic tune was a departure from the hard-driving music of that day, but listener requests made it a must for disc jockey play lists all over the country. In almost every poll, The Lettermen became "Best Vocal Group" or "Best New Group."

Hit after hit followed: "When I Fall in Love," "Theme From A Summer Place," "Put Your Head on My Shoulder," "Hurt So Bad," and "Shangri-La" as well as over fifty albums filled with special romantic Lettermen harmony. One of their better known songs, "Goin' Out of My Head/Can't Take My Eyes Off You," was a first of its kind when it was released; it was the first hit record ever to completely integrate two songs as one. One deejay said The Lettermen sound was "the best thing that happened to romance since moonlight." Over the years, however, The Lettermen have been aware of the ever-changing music scene. Therefore, the group has constantly updated their shows through the trends of folk sound, amplified guitars, and synthesized keyboards to always keep the act "today." Through all these trends, The Lettermen theme still remains the love song. On their latest album, "Live in Concert" (Alpha Omega label), they prove that love ballads have a universal appeal and will continure to stand the test of time.

Although they have had more than their share of recording successes, The Lettermen pride themselves on their live performances. Each show is a valentine to every audience as they maintain a whirlwind touring schedule throughout the United States and abroad. For over 30 years, the popular singing trio has been capturing the interests of individuals at public events, private conventions, and special benefits such as the American Lupus Society of which The Lettermen are the national spokespersons. The universal appeal of The Lettermen sound has resulted in successful world tours in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. The music of these true entertainers transcends all language barriers and warms the hearts of millions.

In addition to playing in theatres and concert halls in every corner of the globe, The Lettermen have also appeared in many sports arenas with their touching acappella rendition of the national anthem. People Magazine honored The Lettermen's version of "The Star Spangled Banner" by voting the group, "one of the biggest anthem singing groups in baseball." One critic even said, "They sing the national anthem the way it was intended to be sung."

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