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One of the finest actors, comedians, impersonators of our time is no other than Mr. Fred Travalena. Born in the Bronx New York and raised on Long Island, this man of many faces and voices has charmed and delighted audiences worldwide throughout his multi-faceted career. Fred Travalena's characterizations of highly visible public figures have earned him nicknames such as "The Man of A Thousand Faces", "The Olivier of Comedy", etc.

Fred Travalena has come a long way from his U.S. Army days when he won the All-Army Entertainment award for "Best Singer". Travalena's undeniable abilities have earned him a high profile in all media. Fred has been seen as a Celebrity guest on top T.V. talk shows in the country like "The Tonight Show", "Letterman", "Regis and Kathy Lee", "Larry King Live", "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" and Star Host of A & E's highly acclaimed "Bud Friedmans" and "Evening at the Improv", as well as his co-hosting duties on the Nationally Telecast "Arthritis Foundation Telethon." Fred has guest starred on many specials for Network and Cable T.V. including Bob Hope Specials, H.B.O., Showtime, and starred in his own ACE Award Winning Specials for the Family Channel. Fred was seen four years in a row as a featured Star performer in the worldwide telecast of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade reaching audiences of upwards of eighty million per broadcast. Fred's headline comedy concerts which were voted as one of the top three headline shows in Atlantic City, take him to the top comedy clubs, to performing arts centers, to concerts for America's Fortune 500 companies and headline engagements in Atlantic City at Trumps Castle.

Fred also enjoys doing T.V. Game Shows as celebrity guest on "Win, Lose or Draw", "Match Game", "Hollywood Squares" and was host of the successful Paramount Syndication hit "Anything for Money."

Fred starred in his own Comedy Specials which were honored with two Ace Awards for "BEST MAKE-UP" plus a nomination for Fred Travalena for "BEST PERFORMER IN A COMEDY SPECIAL" along with Robin Williams and Billy Crystal. Fred enjoys his great success with CBN Family Channel Cable Specials where he ventured into new plateaus of perfectionism with his impersonations.

The first special, "The Many Faces of Fred Travalena" which Fred co-wrote and co-produced featured Fred's impressions of four living presidents brought to life through the exceptional make-up artistry of two time Ace Award winner Tom Brumberger. The show also featured a tribute to John and Robert Kennedy and featured Frank Sinatra through the years. "The Great Debate of 88" featured the first ever impressions of George Bush, Michael Dukakis, Dan Quayle and Ted Koppel. The show garnered another Ace Award for Tom Brumberger and was a huge hit in the ratings. President Bush honored Fred with one of the five official inaugural hosts positions, at the 1989 Inaugural of President Bush. The president signed a photograph of Fred made up like George Bush "To Me George Bush." Since then Fred has had the fabulous experience of performing his Presidential impressions for President Gerald Ford, President Jimmy Carter and President Ronald Reagan.

In the "Fred Travalena Comedy Special", Fred brought out some new characters like Elvis Presley, Robert Deniro, Julio Iglesias, Willie Nelson and his tributes to the White House from 1960 to today. The show was created to raise funds for the Y.W.C.A.

In January 1991 Fred Travalena was honored by the Hollywood Film Advisory Board for his commitment to Family Entertainment as displayed in Ace Award Winning Family Channel Specials. Being an accomplished singer, his three-octave voice allows him to impersonate everyone from Sinatra to Garth Brooks to Michael Jackson, Michael Bolton and many others. Fred brings these characters to life on T.V. and makes the characters three dimensional in major comedy clubs and theaters across the country in New York, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City.

An acting career that began at LaMamma in New York's Greenwich Village (a company that included Bette Midler), and his performances at the prestigious actors studio in New York has brought him to acting roles in such films as "The Buddy Holly Story", "Buy and Cell" and "Shooting Stars", as well as television guest star acting roles in shows like "Murphy Brown", "The Love Boat", "Texas Ranger", "Fantasy Island" and others.

As a public figure, Fred remains committed to finding time in his schedule for impoprtant causes and charities. On a special visit to the Vatican a few years ago Fred was personally Blessed by Pope Paul for his latest project to resolve the POW/MIA issue "National Reconciliation and Forgiveness Day." For several years he was the National Awareness Chairman for the National League of Families of missing P.O.W.'s in Southeast Asia. Former President Reagan commended him for his tireless efforts in raising funds for the organization, and he received the congressional merit award from New York Congressman John Le Boutlier. Fred also joins the likes of Bob Hope, Martha Raye and George Jessel as the recipient of the Tom Tully Bravo Vets Life Achievement Award for his work on behalf of the P.O.W.'s and M.I.A. families.

Fred Travalena wrote and produced a film documentary for television, "Flight of Freedom", which won the Award of Excellence from the Hollywood Film Advisory Board. The women in show business honored him as "Angel of the Year" for his work with many non-profit organizations like Cerebral Palsy, Juvenile Diabetes, Y.W.C.A. and the Arthritis Foundation.

Fred and his lovely wife Lois have been married for over 20 years. They have two sons, Fred IV and Cory James.

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