McDuffy's Bar & Grill

230 W. 5th St.
Tempe, AZ

Distances to McDuffy's

All Mileage Approximate


Sun Devil Stadium 4 Blocks
ASU Activity Center 4 Blocks
America West Arena 7 mi.
Bank One Ball Park 7 mi.
McHale Arena 125 mi.
Jack Murphy Stadium 357 mi.
Los Angeles Coliseum 408 mi.
Dodger Stadium 412 mi.
Rose Bowl 396 mi.
Anaheim Stadium 392 mi.
Mile High Stadium 827 mi.
Coors Stadium 837 mi.
Oakland Coliseum 801 mi.
Candlestick Park 828 mi.
Astrodome 1163 mi.
Kingdome 1535 mi.


Rich Stadium 2364 mi.
Fenway Park 2605 mi.
Foxboro 2585 mi.
Shea Stadium 2501 mi.
Yankee Stadium 2498 mi.
Giants Stadium 2491 mi.
Veterans Stadium 2201 mi.
RFK Stadium 2255 mi.
Camden Yards 2304 mi.
Carolina Stadium 2052 mi.
Georgia Dome 1829 mi.
Fulton County Stadium 1839 mi.
Gator Bowl 2015 mi.
Tampa Stadium 2216 mi.
Joe Robbie Stadium 2414 mi.
Superdomo 1548 mi.


Texas Stadium 1045 mi.
Arrowhead Stadium/Royals Stadium 1276 mi.
Busch Memorial 1475 mi.
HHH Metrodome 1691 mi.
Wrigley Field 1747 mi.
Comiskey Park 1772 mi.
Cleveland Stadium 2067 mi.
Lambeau Field 1885 mi.
Silverdome 2015 mi.
Hoosier Dome 1717 mi.
Riverfront Stadium 1872 mi.
Soldier Field 1746 mi.
Three Rivers Stadium 2035 mi.
Jacobs Field 2048 mi.
(Milw.) County Stadium 1805 mi.
Tiger Stadium 2009 mi.

Game Rules

Conduct: We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to
Any Fan for Unsportsmanlike Behavior.

Proper Attire Required of all Fans.

Cash, Master Card, Visa and American Express Accepted.

No Checks Please.

Sales Tax will be Added to all Taxable Items.

McDuffy's is Not Responsible for Lost or Stolen Items.

It is Unlawful for Any Person to Remove Alcoholic
Beverages from these Premises.


McDuffy's Stats

McDuffy's Serves a Full Menu until Midnight
Every Day.

Happy Hour, Monday thru Friday, Offers Discounted
Beverages and Complimentary Munchies.

Private Parties, Business Meetings, Alumni Gatherings,
Special Promotions, Team Outings, Trophy Presentations,
Pep Rallies, Videotape Screenings, Volleyball Parties, Birthdays,
Farewell Parties, etc. can Always be Accommodated at
McDuffy's - Call for Reservations 966.5600.

McDuffy's Merchandise (that perfect gift or souvenir) is
Always Available at Incredibly Reasonable Prices:
T-Shirts, Hats,Sweats, Mugs, Test Tubes, and so Much More.

"If I were young, fast healthy and had a lot of money and
my whole sex life ahead of me, I'd retire - like Secretariat."

Dick Butkus

"In my prime I could have handled Michael Jordan.
Of course, he would be only 12 years old."

Jerry Sloan

Bobby Knight is a good friend of mine. But if I ever need a heart
transplant, I want his. It's never been used."

George Reveling

"I've found that prayers work best when you have big players."
Knute Rockne

"The will to win is not nearly as important
as the will the prepare to win."

Bobby Knight

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