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1999 Connoisseurs Guide to Tequila

White or Silver (Blanco or Plata) Tequilas

Mexican Legal Definition:
Tequila fresh from the still which may be brought to commercial proof with the addition of demineralized water.

Centinela Blanco 100% Blue Agave.
This fresh and fruity tequila offers attractive pear aromas and is very smooth on the palate. Centinela is produced by a family and distillery in Arandas Jalisco.

Chinaco Blanco 100% Blue Agave.
Light and clean in style, this white tequila offers a bright, herbaceous and perfumed note with spicy flavors and a peppery finish.

El Tesoro De don Felipe Plata 100% Blue Agave.
Bright and fresh with hints of pepper and spice and the fruity essence of the Agave left intact.

Herradura Silver 100% Blue Agave -Estate bottled.
Dry and zesty with a bouquet of fresh green herbs, a sparkle of citrus and authentic Agave fruitiness.

Patron Silver 100% Blue Agave.
Light and refreshing with undertones of mint and green herbs; slightly peppery, with a smooth and delicately sweet finish.

Dos Reales Plata
Herbal, robust, fruity bouquet.

Cabrito Blanco
A smooth and unrefined taste with an herbal essence.

Herradura Blanco100% Blue Agave.
92 proof.

Porfidio Blanco
Nature and fine craftsmanship combine to produce this award winning tequila.


Mexican Legal Definition:
Tequila aged for a minimum of two months to one year in oak tanks or barrels,-flavorings and coloring agent permissible, as well as the addition of demineralized water to bring it to commercial proof.

Chinaco Reposado 100% Blue Agave.
An exotic bouquet with scents of crystallized ginger, a peppery and bright tequila.

Herradura Gold 100% Blue Agave.
Scented with exotic pineapple & other tropical fruit aromas a pleasant bite & a smooth finish.

Viuda de Romero
Slowly aged in white oak barrels.

Real Hacienda 100% Blue Agave.
Produced by Casa Viuda de Romero in the state of Jalisco Mexico.

Tenoch Reposado 100% Blue Agave.
Stoneware Bottle. Silky mouth-feel with full character and body.

Hussongs Reposado 100% Blue Agave.
Crock Bottle.

Las Trancas 100% Blue Agave.
Settled in white oak barrels made with the finest English and French woods.

Los Valientes 100% Blue Agave.
Smooth, velvety and full of character and body.

Cabrito Reposado 100% Blue Agave.
A wonderful bouquet, body and taste.

Gran Centenario 100% Blue Agave.
Produced and bottled at Los Camiichines, Mexico.

Mision Reposado 100% Blue Agave.
Light vanilla flavor


100% Agave tequila means tequila that has been produced from only the fermented and distilled juices of the "Blue" Agave. Naturally, 100% Agave tequila is costlier to produce than those made with 49 percent added sugars. Distilleries producing 100% Agave tequila must adhere to set standards established by the Mexican government. These tequilas must be bottled in Mexico in the same region from which they are produced.


Sauza tequila was first made by Don Ceonobia Sauza over one hundred years ago and remains one of the most popular tequilas today, with a wide range of styles. The house style of Sauza is bold and assertive, piquant and robust, a marriage of Spanish and Mexican tradition.

Sauza Tequila Silver
A traditional favorite for Margaritas, we use Sauza silver in our Mrs. Sames Original Margarita

Sauza Gold
This tequila has a wonderful sweet finish.

Sauza Commemorativo
Sauza's super premium anejo tequila - smooth, slightly sweet and complex. The inherent smoky, and herbaceous qualities of the Agave are intact and matched bv the well-balanced oak tones. Try a Comemorativo aperitif before dinner with a splash of Squirt.

Tres Generaciones
Best for sipping from a snifter, it is velvety, smoky, rich and resinous, with Cognac-like elegance and a butterscotch finish.

Sauza Hornitos 100% Blue Agave.
Pleasantly sweet bouquet with scents of lemon and herbs and is brisk and full- bodied on the palate.


Jose Cuervo is not a fictitious name! Jose Maria Guadalupe de Cuervo first distilled tequila, or vino de mezcal, in 1795, in the town of Tequila. The house style of Cuervo is sweeter and less assertive than some brands.

Cuervo Silver
Freshly distilled and unaged, we use this clean-tasting tequila for our house Raspberry Margaritas.

Cuervo Gold
No explanation needed for this, our well tequila.

Cuervo 1800
This super premium tequila is a marriage of fine blended tequilas (Reposados & Anejo); it is rich and robust, fruity with distinctive oak tones.

Cuervo Tradicional
A limited edition of tequila produced of lOO% Blue Agave. A full tequila flavor aged in white oak barrels.


La Reserva, formerly, saved for the private guests of the Cuervo family, has been introduced to celebrate the founding of Cuervo Tequila in 1795. IOO% Blue Agave, aged 3 vears in small oak barrels, hand bottled and hand labeled. Complex full flavor as well as a deep rich amber color. The world's most expensive and exclusive tequila.


Mexican Legal Definition:
Tequila aged for at least one year in government sealed oak barrels; flavorings and colorings are permissible, as well as the addition of demineralized water to bring it to commercial proof.

Herradura 5yr Suprema
10 years to grow, 5 years in oak caskets, oldest known aged tequila.

El Tesoro de Don Felipe Anejo
This pale, straw-colored spirit offers complex aromas mingling lemon, rosemary and pineapple. On the palate it has a hint of sweetness and lemony brisk flavors.

Real Hacienda Anejo

Viuda de Romero Inmemorial Anejo

Herradura Anejo
Dry, herbaceous and peppery, it also has the subtle fruitiness of the agave and is exquisitely balanced with the complex characteristics of oak.

Centinela Anejo
A lighter style Anejo, this vanilla and ginger scented tequila has clean, forth- right flavors.

Centinela Anejo Tres Anos
Centenelas three year old is nutmeggy, rich and suave on the palate.

Patron Anejo
Straw colored, this aged tequila offers smoky Agave scents overlaid with wood; on the palate it is lemony, rich clean and very easy to drink.

Porfidio Anejo
This two year old anejo is a very pale straw color; it has a delicate aroma of wood and nutmeg; it is spicy and a bit hot on the palate.

Porfidio Single Barrel Anejo Cactus Bottle
Chardonnay-colored, with exotic scents of pineapple, smoke and herbs. On the palate, it is extremely smooth and a bit sweet.

Rio de Plata Anejo
This Anejo has a deep amber color and a creamy, dense finish.

Chinaco Anejo
Very appealing mellow oak aged flavors.

La Piz Anejo
Well balanced and great finish.

Cabrito Gold Anejo
Light citrus with a hint of oak.


Mezcal is derived from one of several species of agave, primarily Agave angustifolia, which is grown in the warmer and lower semiarid regions of Mexico than those in which the pulque- producing agaves flourish. Mezcal has a characteristic smoky flavor and is commonly sweetened and flavored with fruits, herbs, and nuts to make it more palatable.

Mezcal de Oaxaxa is uniquely and deliciously different than tequila. It is never mass produced, but handmade by mezcaleros in the small villages of Oaxaxa. Its complex aromas and bold, earthy flavors earn Encantado a place among the super-premium mezcals referred to in their homeland as "the Cognacs of Mexico".

Dos Gusanos Two Worms

Gusano Rojo

House Special Margarita
Choose your favorite tequila from our Connoisseurs Guide, and we'll add
Grand Marnier & Cointreau for a dollar

Hooked On Tequila
Educate your Tequila Palate!
Four 1/2oz tastes of 100% Blue Agave Centinela Blanco,
Reposado, Anejo, and Tres Anos will help you distinguish the subtle differences
between distilled, semi-aged and aged tequilas


Old Town "House" Margarita
Sauza Tequila, Triple Sec & sweet & sour

Mrs. Sames Original Margarita
This is the Original Margarita created by Margarita Sames: Sauza Silver Tequila,
Triple Sec & fresh squeezed lime juice served in your own shaker.
Enough for two, but you won't want to share

Blue Agave Margarita
Cabrito, the finest 100% Blue Agave Tequila, Cointreau, sweet & sour

House Special Margarita
Choose your favorite tequila from our Connoisseurs Guide, and we'll add
Grand Marnier & Cointreau for a dollar

Raspberry Margarita
Cuervo Silver Tequila, Triple Sec, raspberries and sweet & sour

Horny Margarita
Sauza Hornitos Tequila, Triple Sec, sweet & sour and a splash of cranberry
make this a refreshing favorite

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