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Thank you for your interest in The Arizona Internet Yellow Pages!

We hope you enjoyed our site and the Arizona Internet Yellow Pages concept.

As you can see, we have developed a web site that has very high visibility. We also created a directory that is easy to navigate, and loads fast on the net.

We feature a top level linking system to insure your pages will be seen. Your business can be listed in several catagories to maximize your advertising dollar. All of our interactive listings are linked to over 500 sites and search engines worldwide.

We currently average 15,000+ visitors a day!

This number will dramatically increase as we implement more new features in the future.

Most people worldwide are familiar with the Yellow Pages concept and what they will find there. We have registered the Arizona Internet Yellow Pages name along with the names of AZ cities to insure undisturbed use and all the attention this concept deserves.

We started with 8 years of marketing "Arizona" on the national level with a travel guide program, then added about a thousand clients in the Arizona marketplace, and placed the entire program on the net!

Our travel guides are available at many of the fine merchants and lodging establishments listed statewide in our Yellow Pages, customers can pick one up upon their arrival or they can order them on-line to preplan their visit.

The Arizona Internet Yellow Pages program is well suited for local access also featuring a wide variety of products and services at locations just steps away from their potential consumers. Some of our merchants have even noticed customers arriving with their printed web page.

We are currently creating web pages for our existing clients and welcome you to join our ever-growing family.

Remember the location of your web pages is as important as the location of your business!

* All web sites allow 10 megabites of memory. (additional space available)
* Upper Level Hotlink service to all major search engines
* Personal guidance on web site development
* Web page design
* Graphic Arts
* Digital Photography & Scanning
* Site maintainence & updates
* FTP access to maintain your own site

* Virtual Domain (your own .com address)..........$59.95 per month
* Virtual Domain with FTP access....................$69.95 per month
* Business Web site.....................................$595.00 per year
(New service only, Includes first page and two images)
* Web page design......................................Estimated per page
* Link to existing pages.................................$195.00 per year
.....(If you have existing outside web pages).....

We also share important marketing information about what it takes to create an award winning, successful web site that will be seen by millions.

We hope after reviewing all information and visiting all other Internet Presence Providers you will choose The Arizona Internet Yellow Pages as your home!

For more information, feel free to contact me personally.

Thank you,

Mark Plante


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