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Ancient America Video Series
The Ancient American series is hosted by Cherokee actor Wes Studi. Wes has recieved rave reviews for his starring role in "Geronimo: An American Legend." Praised for his riveting performances in "Last of the Mohicans" and "Dances With Wolves," Wes was called "one of the scene stealers of the year" by Entertainment Weekly.

WK-1226 - Indians of the Northwest Vol. 1
The world of Northwest coast Indians comes to life in this portrait of a diverse people whose contributions continue to enrich our lives. Discover the origins of the totem pole, and see how it became a universal symbol of Indian culture. Examine ancient legends passed down through the ages-like the story of Mt. Mazama's eruption, which occurred 7,000 years ago. Retrace the roots of Ming Dynasty porcelains found in prehistoric villages, suggesting a link with China predating arrival of the first Euopeans. Learn about the fierce Haida, who traveled hundreds of miles by sea to raid Puget Sound villages. Marvel at the prosperity of the peoples who revered wealth and status. Winner of International Television Video Association Award (ITVA) for best documentary. Hosted by Wes Studi.
60 minutes $19.95 - PAL European format $24.95 VHS

WK-1227 - Indians of the Southwest Vol. 2
Journey back in time to the prehistoric metropolis of Chaco Canyon with it's vast network of roads and its intriguing astronomical observatories. Observe the Anasazi's thriving civilization built with one simple tool-a digging stick! Visit the impressive ruins of Chimney Rocks, which was built on top of an 8,000 foot high mountain. Examine the routes of the Hohokam's sophisticated canal and irrigation systems, which are still in use today! Admire the artwork of the Mimbres, Salado, and Anasazi people, who were considered the master potters of the Americas. Explore Mesa Verde's awe-inspiring cliff dwellings. Hosted By West Studi.t
60 minutes $19.95 - PAL European format $24.95 VHS

WK-1228 - Nomadic Indians of the West Vol. 3
This enlightening portrait of a proud and noble people is riveting from start of finish. Travel to Bighorn Range to see the ancient Medicine Wheel, which was used as a ceremonial site and an astronomical observatory. See how Indians of the Great Basis adapted as ancient ice age lakes disappeared and their rich land turned to desert. Discover how the Indians-like early sea explorers may have used the stars to navigate the vast plains. Learn how the Plains Indians invented smoke signals to send messages over great distances. Study the origin of sign language which was used in trade negotiations by tribes that spoke hundreds of different languages. Hosted by Wes Studi.
60 minutes $19.95 - PAL European format $24.95 VHS

WK-1229 - Indians of the Eastern Woodlands Vol. 4
The spirit of the Native Ameircan Indian lives again in this stirring program which reveals the marvels and wonders, the rituals and secrets of the majestic world of the Eastern Woodland Indians. Discover the mysterious Effigy Mounds, which reveal the shapes of animals and are only visible from the air. Examine the complex road systems built in the Ohio Valley-even though the wheel was not in use. Investigate the ancient structure called Woodhenge similar to England's Stonehenge, which predicted celestial events. Marvel at 100 foot-high Monk's Mound which took laborers 300 years to build. They moved 22 million cubic feet of earth using only baskets!
60 minutes $19.95 - PAL European format $24.95 VHS

More Than Bows and Arrows
It has become the most popular film about Native Americans ever produced! Bows documents the contributions of the American Indians to the development of the United States and Canada. From net fishing off cliffs over a Norhwest river to prehistoric mounds that rival the pyramids of Egypt. From early mines and medicine men to the ancient Hohokam irrigation canal system in Arizona. More than bows and arrows tell an uncommon and unequaled story. Narrated by N. Scott Momaday, Pulitzer prize winning Indian author, Bows has received numerous national and international awards.
60 minutes $19.95 - PAL European format $24.95 VHS

The American Indian Dance Theatre - Finding The Circle Vol. 1
This tape is the same as seen on PBS's "Great Performances" in the spring of 1990. Includes exciting dances from many Indian tribes as performed onstage and at outdoor pow wows on their US and internatioanl tours. Includes hoop dances, eagle dance, Apache crown dance, Zuni rainbow dance, pow wow dances (grass, men's traditional and fancy, women's fancy shawl), plains snake and buffalo dance and others. Narration included. Very colorful.
60 minutes $35.00

The American Indian Dance Theatre - Dances For The New Generation Vol. 2
Dances from the Northwest-Makah and Kivakiutle-and the Northeast-Seneca and Penobscot and the Plains. Video also includes instructions and comments by the elders of the tribes. The American Indian Dance Theatre is the only national company of dancers and musicians performing traditional American Indian music and dance. The 30 member troupe is a collage of many Indian tribes.
60 minutes $35.00 VHS

The Dennis Alley Wisdom Dancers - At The Grand Canyon Vol.1
This video cassette presents the Wisdom Dancers in eight dances, including hoop, Northern traditional, shield and spear, eagle, and war dance. It begins with an introduction by Williw Nelson and ends with the popular Indian song "Go My Son" done in Indian sign language. Dennis Alley and his family are well-known throughout pow wow country and appear in their colorful dance outfits against a beautiful Grand Canyon background.
30 minutes $22.50 VHS

The Dennis Alley Wisdom Dancers - Concert At Monument Valley Vol. 2
Introduction by Crystal Gayle.
30 minutes $22.50 VHS

Kashtin - Eternal Drum
A fascinating look at one of Canada's national treasures: the richness and diversity of legends within the American Indian culture. In this soulful video, native rock stars Kashtin use the traditional drum as a link between native nations from across Canada. As it holds great knowledge, the drum opens the door to power. So witness the power of music from the platinum album Kashtin and Inna! Witness the power of sharing! Kashtin sharing memories and hopes with native people from all parts of Canada. Kashtin is Cland McKenzie and Florent Volbant from Quebec.
60 minutes $25.95 VHS

Spirit of the Wild
A mystical grandfather transforms the life of a modern day boy through the legend of Seeks-To-Hunt-Great. In this haunting and sometimes humorous drama, Seeks-To-Hunt-Great (Michael Horse) tracks a mountain lion for many months, learns from it and eventually gains its trust. Struggling to survive the hardships and dangers of living in the wold, both man and lion experience many surprises, and much suspense and adventure. Bases on Native American folklore and the Medicine Wheel Way, Spirit of the Wold brings an awareness of our important relationship with our environment, out Nother Earth and all our brothers be they two-legged, four-legged or winged. Winner of five major film awards, including: The American Indian Film Festival' Best Short Subject Award; The Best Fiction Film Award at the Oklahoma American Indian Film and Video Competition.
30 minutes $15.95 VHS

Indians Time 2 - Fly with Eagles (from Canada)
Taped in 1991 at The Forks in Winnipeg, Canada an historical meeting of Indian people. This special features a roster of North American's best Native performers features Joanne Shenandoah, Charlie Hill, Tom Jackson, Shingoose, Margo Kane and Kashtin. The program combines live concert footage with stirring Pow Wow images and statements by Native elders to create an enjoyable show that carriers a strong message about unity and the environment. It is a unique evening of music, comedy, drama and dance. From comedian Charlie Hill's "Top 10 Things White Folks Always Say To Indians," to the dramatic and startingly relevant recital of Chief Seattle's address to the American governemnt a century and half ago, to the rousing finale by Quebec folk-rock duo Kashtin.
47 minutes $22.50 VHS

Star Blanket Jrs.
Pow Wow
$22.50 VHS

Beyond Tradition - Contemporary Indian art and Its Evolution
This video presents more than three hundred examples of prehistoric, historic and contemporary American Indian art. Carvings, painting, sculptures, baskets, rugs, jewelry and pottery are interwoven with the hauntingly beautiful strains of the flute and guitar. The evolution of Indian art is traced through the centuries. The talents of Jerry Jacka, one of America's foremost photographers (noted for his work in Arizona Highways magazine) are combined with those of leading Native American television Arts and Sciences, Rocky Mountain Division. A printed index to the art and artist is enclosed. Stereo sound.
45 minutes $29.95 - PAL European format $34.95 VHS

The sights and sounds of a vital thousand year old culture in northern Arizona. Intimate scenes of family life, work and rituals as seen through the role of corn in Hopi daily life-an essential daily food as well as a key element in religious rituals. Shows how communal values and survival skills that have kept their culture alive for centuries are passed on. Produced for the Museum of Northern Arizona.
15 minutes $19.95 - PAL European format $24.95 VHS

The Navajo
Navajos tell their story of survival in the harsh beautiful land of northern Arizona. A child learns to tned sheep, a mother teaches how to card, spin, dye and weave wool for rugs. A family sacrifices a sheep in a life-restoring, religious ritual. Beginning in the beauty of dawn and ending with a sheep drive at sunset, this tory is cast against their history and the vital role of women in religious, social and cultural life. Produced for the Museum of Northern Arizona.
15 minutes $19.95 - PAL European format $24.95 VHS

Live and Remember
Filmed entirely on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation, the film opens with a look inside a Sweat Lodge Ceremony. It includes an intimate discussion with Lakota Sioux elders, traditional dances and medicine men. The production focuses on sacred traditions as portrayed through song and dance, oral traditions, living today, and medicine and the spirit world. Included in the production are Ben Black Bear Sr., the Ironwood Singers, Kevin Locke and many others. Includes hoop dance and eagle dance.
29 minutes $35.00 VHS

Fulfilling The Vision "Oyate Iglukinini"
Examines the struggle of the Sioux generation that came of age in the '70's and '80's to redefine the nation's identity. The piece starts with the 1990 Big Foot Memorial Ride; and addresses contemporary socioeconomic issues, spirituality and traditional wisdom. The work depicts Lakota spirituality as expressed in the Vision Quest and Sun Dance, and boldly states the lessons that Lakota world view has to offer Indians and non-Indians alike.
30 minutes $35.00 VHS

Thunder in the Dells
Lance Tallmadge, a Wisconsin Winnebago, presents the history of his tribe and their legal struggle to remain in the Wisconsin Dells area in the mid-nineteenth century. Tourism in the area has been important since the 1870's and this video shows the effect of this on the Winnebagos and discusses the importance of their traditional songs and dances to their well-being and survival. The video ends with the preparation and weaving of black ash wood baskets.
28 minutes $19.95 VHS

Mitakuye Oyasin - "We Are All Related"
A lecture by Dr. A. Chuck Ross, A Santee Dakota educator and spiritual guide. An introduction to Sioux religion & philosophy as detailed in his book "We Are All Related."
60 minutes $22.50 VHS

Navajo Code Talkers" The Epic Story
From 1942 until 1945, the U.S. Marine Corps recruited over 400 Navajo Indians for duty as communication specialists. These specially trained Navajos-known as Code Talkers-devised an unbreakable voice code to transmit battlefield messages during the Pacific Campaign. From Guadalcanal to Iwo Jima to Oknawa, the Code Talkers transmitted and received military messages in coded Navajo that could not be broken by the Japanese. Navajo Code Talkers: The Epic Story is the first authoritative and comprehensive documentary to examine a little-known chapter of both Marine Corps and Navajo history during World War II. This brilliant and fast paced video brings to life the compelling story of the Navajo Code Talkers whose amazing skills played a vital role in Ameircan's victory in the Pacific. The code was so important that it was classified and the Navajo's role in WWII could not be acknowledged publicially until the 70's.
55 minutes $19.95 VHS

The World in our Eyes - A Native American Vision of Creation
Narrated by J. Reuben Silverbird. Music by Perry Silverbird and Mark Lineberry. Photography by Michael Valdez. Dedicated to the Native American youth of all Nations, to the East, the West, the North, the South...Be proud of yur station and heritiage. The future lies in your hands. Never forget the struggle and dreams of our Great Chiefs, Wise Men, Holy Men, and Elders, Think United, as one, with brother/sister love toward one another. For no matter what changes come about, you are a great part of the Natives of America. To the many friends of Native Americans who had the courage to wonder...the courage to care...the courage to act...Walk in Beauty with the Great Spirit. J. Reuben Silverbird. The Native American Nations are separated by geography and language, yet they share many beliefs, myths and legends about the beginning of the world, and respect for the environment of Mother Earth and her creatures. This recording represents many Native American Nations: Navajo, Zuni, Tohono O'odham, Pima, Santo Domingo, Hopi, Apache, Tewa Onondaga, Blackfoot, Chippewa, Kiowa, Cheyenne, Paynee, Paiute, Sioux, Choctaw, Cherokee, Seminole, Chickasaw, Creek, and Nex Perce.
102 minutes $25.95 VHS

Drumbeat Indian Arts Tape and CD's

Intertribal Collections
White Eagle Singers/6197/Vol. 3/Cassette $8.98
Santa Fe Pow Wow/Vol. 1/Recorded Live Memorial Day 1990/Cassette $8.98
Pow Wow/6088/Southern Style War Dances/John Knifechief, Lead Singer/Cassette $8.98
Bala Sinem Choir/6110/American Indian Songs for Choir/Cassette $8.98

Traditional Navajo Songs/6064/Cassette $8.98

Apache Philip and Patsy Cassadore/6053/Cassette $8.98

Hopi Social Dance Songs/Vol. 1-From Shungopavi, Second Mesa/6107/Cassette $8.98

Songs & Dances of Eastern Indians from Medicine Spring (Cherokee) & Allegany (Seneca)/NW337/Cassette $9.98
Where the Ravens Roost, Walker Calhoun, Cherokee/Cassette $9.98

Yaqui - Mexico
Yaqui Music of the Pascola and Deer Dance (Recorded Live)/6099/Cassette $8.98

Chicken Scratch - Popular Dance Music of the Indians of Southern Arizona
Vol. 3/"em-:hejed"/8097/Cassette $8.98-CD $15.98
Vol. 4/Chicken Scratch Christmas/8101/Cassette $8.98

Indian House
Sounds of Indian America, Plains & Southwest/IH 9501/Cassette $9.98

Flute/New Age

Fernando Cellicion, Kokopeli Dreams/IS 5063/Cassette $8.50-CD $15.98

Robert Tree Cody, Dreams from the Grandfather/Vol. 4/Cassette $8.98-CD $15.98

R. Carlos Nakai
Earth Spirit/Cassette $8.98-CD $15.98
Canyon Trilogy/Cassette $8.98-CD $15.98
Emergence/Cassette $8.98-CD $15.98
*All Nakai Tapes & CD's have a description in the magazine.

R. Carlos Nakai with William Eaton
Carry the Gift - New Age/Cassette $8.98-CD $15.98
Winter Dreams - Christmas/Cassette $8.98-CD $15.98

Nakai, Eaton & Blacklodge Singers
Ancestral Voices/Cassette $8.98-CD $15.98

Taos Pueblo
John Rainer
Vol. 1/Songs of the Indian Flute/Cassette $9.98


Sharon Burch/Yazzie Girl/Cassette $8.98-CD $15.98
Description in magazine.

A. Paul Ortega & Joanne Shenandoah/Loving Ways/Cassette $8.98-CD $15.98
Description in magazine.

Joanne Shenandoah/Once In A Red Moon/Cassette $8.98-CD $15.98
Description in magazine.

Drumbeat Indian Arts Video's

Intertribal Dance Group

American Indian Dance Theater #1, Finding The Circle
60 minutes VHS $35.00

American Indian Dance Theater #2, Dances For The New Generation
60 minutes VHS $35.00

Beyond Tradition, Contemporary Indian Art & Its Evolution
45 minutes VHS* $29.95

More Than Bow and Arrows
60 minutes VHS** $19.95

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